Korogwe is slowly growing on me

Actually Korogwe isn’t so bad when you start to have a few people to talk too.  There is Meg who is volunteering up in the mountains who comes down occasionally, Christina although has gone back to Germany now was here for a week although her colleagues are still here, there are two Sri Lankan guys in the gem stone business looking for stones and then there is my stalker!

Actually he’s Tanzanian guy called Antony who works for World Vision who is staying in the hotel I was in last week.  He came and spoke to me at breakfast and seemed interested in trees so I gave him my Tanzanian number.  Big mistake!  He now seems to call me on a very regular basis for no reason in particular.

I also met up with Ana on Tuesday now she is back from Dar Es Salaam and went round to her house for dinner – along with a Bolivian girl who has just moved to the area aswell.  She cooked a Brazilian type curry made with aubergines and coconut – it was by far the best food I have had in Korogwe by a country mile!  And she had even baked a carrot cake for desert.  We are both big fans of wine so have promised to get together when I get back from Kenya to drink wine as I can bring some back and she will get some brought up from Dar.  I can see a potential hangover looming in April!!!!

Last night I had to use my cold weather gear for the first time – I went to bed in socks, jumper and trousers using the towel as an additional blanket.  This wasn’t because the weather was cold – far from it – but my air conditioning unit broke and was stuck on freeze, blasting cold air out all night directly onto the bed and I couldn’t turn it off!  I have got it fixed now ( I hope!) but at least it meant I have worn most of the clothes I brought now!

What is really weird at the moment is that in the last two days I seem to have developed really swollen feet, ankles and calves.  I must be having a reaction to something but for the life of me haven’t figured out what yet.  The antihistamines don’t seem to make much of a dent to it.  I must look up to see if it is a side effect of Malarone or DEET usage but I have no intention of stopping either one as this is quite a high malaria area based on the number of people in Nancys family who have got it in the last couple of weeks.  Just hope its not some form of deadly tropical disease I don’t know about – maybe my legs will drop off below the knee….


About becksupeverest

Took a leave of absence from work and decided to work as a volunteer in Tanzania based in Korogwe, a small town in the northeast of the country (combined with some travels around East Africa). The project is to look at the cost base, strategy and business plan of a tree nursery NGO - one of the Gatsby Foundation projects.
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