All my food cravings satisfied in one weekend but also came away with painful lobster legs

I have started the task of tackling the finances – it is going to be a very long job. The categorisation they have isn’t fit for purpose so everything is badly categorised and doesn’t provide any opportunity to see how things are going month to month or quarter to quarter – other than total figures. I absolutely stunned Nancy when I showed her a pivot table she had no idea of the power they can bring. I have agreed for my sins to run an Excel training course for them. Those of you who have worked with me will know just how ironic that sounds – it’s normally me that is the one asking for help but out here I am seen as some sort of Excel God!

This weekends escape was to Tanga to stay with Mike the Danish guy I met last time. Friday night we met up with Rob and Anna (the couple I met last weekend) and one of their friends. We went to the pizzeria and drank copious amounts of red wine – the first wine I have had since leaving England. Oh was it good – I hadn’t realised just how much I had missed it. It was a great evening with good company which we then carried on down at the yacht club with Mikes boss David and his Zimbabwean wife Pam. On our way out we got accosted by this Swedish guy, his Tanzanian wife Dianna and her sister Maria and had our arms twisted to go back to their house and have some more beers with them. Two am I finally crawled into bed.

The next morning all my good intentions of going to the caves went to pot when I woke up with a hangover. But the big fry up helped sort it out quite a bit. Mike had to go to into work as they were kicking off some big project he had to supervise so I got a lift and went into town. I bought some Nutella, to spice up the breakfasts in the hotel and the plain chapattis we sometimes have at lunchtime, from the supermarket and then lots of fresh mangos and avocados from the market.

On walking back bumped into Rob & Anna – they were suffering from a hangover as well so it wasn’t just me. I then went to the Mkonge hotel (the one I stayed in last time) to use their swimming pool. Unfortunately I didn’t get much swimming done as every time I got into the water the damn monkeys kept trying to steel my mangos! Pesky buggers. They stole two of my lovely, fresh mangos – I was not happy (especially as I left the other two in Mikes fridge when I left).

So I sat down on the sunbed in the shade to dry off and promptly fell asleep. The shade then had the gall to move (I guess I was asleep longer than I realised) and on waking realised I had rather red sunburnt legs! My legs don’t really get much sun as most of the time over here you wear trousers or skirts – never shorts.

We went to the yacht club to get some dinner on Saturday but they were preparing for a party and it was shaping up to be very loud, so we had a drink with Wayne (a bit of a South African playboy who runs security for Tanga Cement) and his mate from Arusha. They were in the process of giving us a lift into town to get some dinner when Wayne’s irish girlfriend Claire phoned to say she was coming into town as they had no power to cook so we all ate together at the Seaview. None of us had really eaten any lunch so our eyes were bigger than our stomachs – way bigger! We ordered far too much food – enough to feed a whole rural village – but we were all full after just the starters so hardly made a dent in the main course – so we had a huge doggy bag to take home. Despite all the food we ordered and the drinks on top of it the bill came to less than £8 each – what a bargain.

Sunday lunchtime I had been invited to David and Pams house for lunch. They have this amazing house on the coast overlooking the sea with its own swimming pool. So jealous. We started with aperitifs of Hendricks gin and tonic on the terrace followed by a feta cheese and olive salad. Pam had then cooked us a proper English Sunday roast dinner, roast lamb with mint sauce, roast potatoes, gravy and Yorkshire puddings – just when I thought I was in heaven already it then got even better! Desert was black forest gateau and ice cream followed by Dolce latté cheese and a lovely port! I felt like all my Christmases had come at once! All the goodies they had brought back from South Africa when they were their last week.

But my lovely little expat bubble soon burst and it was back to Korogwe.


About becksupeverest

Took a leave of absence from work and decided to work as a volunteer in Tanzania based in Korogwe, a small town in the northeast of the country (combined with some travels around East Africa). The project is to look at the cost base, strategy and business plan of a tree nursery NGO - one of the Gatsby Foundation projects.
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